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  • FAQs

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    What ages do you work with?

    We work with adults of all ages and teens 13 years and older.

    Do you take insurance? Medicare? Medicaid?

    Our practice does not participate directly with any insurance. That said, many of our clients receive reimbursement for some or all of our services. We will provide you with invoices that you can submit to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. We can also provide you with the specific billing codes that we will use in advance, which might allow you to obtain an estimate of your insurance company’s projected reimbursement rates prior to beginning services.

    Do you participate in “single case agreements” with health insurance companies?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to participate in single case agreements. You are welcome to negotiate directly with your insurance company to see if they will make an agreement directly with you, with M.O.A.T. remaining an out of network provider who is not a direct party to said agreement.

    Do you prescribe medications?

    Though we do not prescribe medication ourselves, we recognize that a combination of medication and psychotherapy can be an effective treatment plan for many. Thus, we frequently coordinate referrals to trusted psychiatrists and other prescribing providers in the area. We also believe in the value of a collaborative approach to care, and we will work closely with any other members of your treatment team.

    How long can I expect to be in treatment?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible to say in a general FAQ page. Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them. The length of time therapy can take to allow you to accomplish your goals depends on your history with the problem, the accuracy of our assessment, the nature of your goals, and your commitment to engage with them. While there is no universal treatment length, rest assured that our therapy is goal directed and it is our intention to help get you to those goals as swiftly as circumstances allow.

    I’m hoping to find a psychologist who can acknowledge that my culture/gender/sex/sexual orientation/race/ethnicity/national origin/ability status/age/religion impacts who I am and how the world treats me. Will I find that here?

    Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our commitment to cultural awareness. We invite you to share any experience you’re comfortable sharing with us, and will work collaboratively with you on how to tailor your treatment plan to your needs. We hope to bring awareness of how our backgrounds and biases may impact the therapeutic relationship, and strive to connect with a diverse range of clients with humility, openness, and sensitivity.

    How do I begin treatment?

    We’re excited you’d like to work with us! You may contact us by phone at 410-907-7303, email, or the form on our contact page to request a 10-20 minute phone consultation. We will want to hear a bit about what you’re interested in getting help with. If at the end of this consultation we think we might be able to help, we will tell you so and proceed to take down your information. At that point, three things could happen:

    • We schedule an intake.
    • We tell you that Drs. Lent, Yood, and Young will discuss to decide which of us might be the best fit based on your therapeutic needs, your preferences, and any scheduling constraints any party may have. We would then contact you after that discussion takes place to share our thoughts.
    • If we are unable to get you in immediately due to scheduling conflicts, we will place your name on a waitlist. Rest assured we will hope to get you off the waitlist as soon as possible.

    If we think that our practice is not the right fit for your needs, we will do our best to refer you to someone who may be a better match.

    Please note that the more flexible you can be with your availability, the likelier we are able to get you in to see us sooner. Our afternoon and evening hours are in very high demand, so it is harder for us to make those available.

    I don’t just struggle with anxiety/OCD, I also have another mental health concern/diagnosis. Can you work with me?

    Sure! Many people who find us are looking for a psychologist who can help with more than one struggle. While anxiety is typically our main focus, we can also help with many other issues that may coexist or interrelate with your anxiety.

    There may be limited situations where those other issues make working on your anxiety impractical. If we think that any issue that would interfere with the work may exist, we will discuss your treatment options with you.

    What’s with the castle logo?

    We at Maryland OCD and Anxiety Therapy love a good acronym. When we realized that we could be M.O.A.T., we quickly went a bit overboard on the castle theme — the first version of this website looked like a medieval history enthusiast’s travel blog.

    After thinking about it a little longer, we realized that M.O.A.T. isn’t just a cute acronym, it’s actually a fair metaphor related to our work. The defenses that we put up due to anxiety also tend to isolate us from the world. We’ll help you let go of these unnecessary defenses so that you can more freely engage in life. When our work is done, you won’t need the moat anymore.

    My question isn’t here — what do I do about that?

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions, using the contact button below, by emailing, or by calling us at 410-907-7303.