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  • Regarding Future In-Person Services

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    Regarding Future In-Person Services

    Here’s where we stand on in-person services, and our long term plan. Please note that this plan is subject to change, because there is still much we don’t know about what life will look like as the pandemic changes. We suspect that in a month’s time, much of what we write here could be obsolete:

    We are currently doing virtual sessions only. Our hope is to offer in-person appointments as soon as it is safer to do so, likely somewhere in Howard county Maryland. While we don’t have definitive plans or timelines because making them has proven to be folly during the pandemic, we aim to slowly begin offering you an office to come to when it becomes safer to do so and when we all feel more comfortable with the risks.

    What this could end up looking like is offering one day per week per clinician for in person appointments at a temporary location, and slowly ramping that up. Once we all feel more comfortable doing in person services more regularly, we will settle into an office space full time that we can call our own.

    If you feel that telehealth has been and/or will be a good fit for you, it will remain an option indefinitely. We now know that we can effectively treat many people using the technology, so we intend to keep it a permanent part of our practice for those who benefit from it.