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  • David A. Yood, Psy.D.

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    Meet Dr. David Yood

    Welcome! I am a licensed psychologist who specializes in treating OCD and anxiety disorders.  I’m here to help guide you through therapy and treatment to become an even better version of the person you already are. The best part of my job is that I get to ride alongside the bravest people I’ll ever meet. I watch them face the things that they have spent so much time avoiding, and rejoice with them as they realize they discover they are stronger than they had previously understood. It is a gift that I get to play a part in that process.

    During my doctoral training, I learned about evidence-based treatments: Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP, a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), two models that complement each other beautifully. I knew I wanted to provide this type of treatment for my career. These treatments form the basis of my expertise, and have a transformative nature for those who suffer with anxiety disorders.

    I received my undergraduate degree at Lehigh University in psychology. After a year working at an inpatient hospital for children, I entered graduate training in psychology at the University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology where I received my doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. While there, I sought out and received specialized training to work with individuals with OCD and anxiety disorders. I completed my doctoral internship at Friends Hospital in Philadelphia, an inpatient psychiatric hospital. I moved to the Washington, D.C. area for a postdoctoral fellowship at the Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington to further my specialized training in treating adults and children suffering from OCD and anxiety disorders. I was then hired as a staff psychologist at the practice to continue that work for an additional eight years.

    Currently I am the co-host of the Protecting Your Practice podcast, a show where we delve into the legal and ethical issues pertaining to owning and operating private mental health practices.

    I grew up in central Massachusetts, and currently live in Howard County with my wife, son, and adorable goldendoodle. In my free time I’m often playing guitar in M.O.A.T. jam sessions with my colleagues Dr. Michael Lent and Dr. Kevin Young, taking in live music, watching more hockey than is healthy for any one person to consume, or attempting to fix things in my house before giving up and calling a professional.

    I am a licensed psychologist in Maryland and Virginia. I have permission through PSYPACT to practice telehealth in the following states:

    • Alabama – AL
    • Arizona – AZ
    • Arkansas – AR
    • Colorado – CO
    • Connecticut – CT
    • Delaware – DE
    • Florida – FL
    • Georgia – GA
    • Idaho –  ID
    • Illinois – IL
    • Indiana –  IN
    • Kansas – KA
    • Kentucky – KY
    • Maine – ME
    • Michigan — MI
    • Minnesota – MN
    • Missouri – MO
    • Nebraska – NE
    • Nevada – NV
    • New Hampshire – NH
    • New Jersey – NJ
    • North Carolina – NC
    • North Dakota – ND
    • Ohio – OH
    • Oklahoma – OK
    • Pennsylvania – PA
    • Rhode Island – RI
    • South Carolina – SC
    • Tennessee – TN
    • Texas – TX
    • Utah – UT
    • Washington – WA
    • Washington D.C.
    • West Virginia – WV
    • Wisconsin – WI
    • Wyoming — WY